September 14, 2018

The Predator is in theaters on September 14th, 2018.

The Predator is the 4th installment in the series or the 6th if you count Alien vs. Predator.

The Predator comes to Earth like many times before and when his pod crashes he encounters Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) an army sniper who steals The Predators weapons. He then sends the weapons to his family and they are hunted by The Predator.

The plot is predictable and the humor is forced. They tried to hard to make it funny and sometimes it was but for the most part fell flat. I didn’t appreciate the jokes about “retards”. It’s 2018 - can we not?

The acting was atrocious with the exception of a few. Jacob Tremblay gave the best performance (obviously - he’s wonderful!). I also thought Trevante Rhodes was great - he was probably my favorite character. Olivia Munn sounded like she was reading off a script...I can’t imagine she was all in for this role, and I honestly don’t blame her if that’s the case.

I have a lot of issues with the sexism in this movie. There is only one female character and she’s hit on constantly? She doesn’t even speak a word to another female, which by the way - there’s only one other. Women like sci-fi action movies too! Sigourney Weaver paved the road for this genre to be what it is today. This movie made me feel like it was super machismo, men blow stuff up, women are there to be pretty. Very disappointed with the obviously inequality in this film.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

AshleyKAshley K. (Senior Contributor) is a frequent traveler currently living in San Diego. She's a super nerd who enjoys all kinds of movies and doesn't always think the book was better.
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