August 24, 2018

We The Animals is in select theaters August 24th, 2018.

Jonah is one of three brothers who live adventures every day. He is nine years old, has a secret sketchbook where he draws his new experiences, and never learned how to swim. Jonah, like his brothers, suffers from abusive parents who neglect them, leaving them to the wilderness to find food and survive. While it sounds akin to a lesser film like THE GLASS CASTLE, or even a similar laissez-faire family-driven drama like CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, the three brothers live far and away from those idyllic lives. Their father comes in and out of their lives as he pleases, while their mother spends entire days in bed, forcing them to live off stealing like thieves from grocery stores.

The on-screen transformation of Jonah is played by Evan Rosado, a first-timer who looks like he's been playing a lonely Hispanic kid for a long time. He takes on a journey of self-discovery, fueled by a near-death experience of drowning in a lake at the hands of his father. Jonah takes an interest at copies of VHS porn that an older boy introduces him to, wide-eyed at the gay portions of the films. Director Jeremiah Zagar then turns his attention to Jonah's sexual identity, reminiscing of a MOONLIGHT influence that veers to stream-of-consciousness cinema.

We the Animals is incomparable; a sensitive and heartfelt feature debut by Zagar, climaxed by a turn of magical realism that will surely divide audiences.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

GerardoGerardo (Senior Contributor) is a Venezuelan filmmaker. When he's not watching and reviewing the latest movies out in theaters, he can be found helping on a set, attending film festivals, or playing video games.
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