August 31, 2018

I went to an event here in San Diego at The Farmer and the Seahorse to welcome home LaDainian Tomlinson, AKA LT. He’s a retired professional running back who played for 11 seasons, most of the time with the San Diego Chargers. I can’t even begin to list all his Stats because it’s a lot of info - the man is a legend. He was recently inducted into the NFL hall of fame and if you haven’t seen his acceptance speech go watch it right now! Below is clip of him opening the event and discussing his career.

LT is a genuinely nice person through and through, humble and extremely generous. He is a sponsor for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and a part of this event was to draw awareness to the organization. They are vets helping vets with aid from donators and volunteers. Click the link below to find out more information about this wonderful organization.

Another part of the event was to promote the movie God Bless the Broken Road which stars LT in his first movie role. He discussed being drawn to the film because a portion of the proceeds are being donated to the DAV, how amazing is that?! See the video clip below of LT with Pastor Miles McPherson who is also a retired NFL player and founder of The Rock Church, here in San Diego.

And last but certainly not least, given by the City of San Diego, August 27th is officially LT day. What a great way to honor a man who does so much for his community.

#gbbr #blessavet

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