July 04, 2018

The First Purge is in theaters on July 4th, 2018.

When some people hear the word 'prequel' they may start to get interested in a movie franchise that may have been forgotten. The original Purge was released in 2013, and that movie was a huge hit. People wanted to know more about The Purge and it's beginnings, I know I did. However, the prequel craze wasn't going on during that time. Now five years later, we get to go back in time and see how all of this began.

Ok, so if you watched the series, you already know what The 'New Founding Fathers of America' are, and how they relate to the series. Something I wanted to know was more about these 'Fathers' and where they came from. While don't get your hopes to high to learn more about them. This movie was more about the start of the Purge itself. They show you how the first experiment was created, and what the new government had to do to keep the Purge from continuing on.

The movie itself isn't bad, it just lacks the excitement that the original movie had. I alway say, prequels need to go back to the original, and do better. Without the same amount of excitement, you will find yourself watching a slower pace movie than you want, and you'll just be dancing in your seat wanting to see more.

I think some people will watch this movie and try to tie it into events happening today, while others will say this is something of fiction. It just depends on your own background and how you see the world.

Maybe they will create a pre-prequel, is that a thing? I'm hoping, and always have been hoping, for more information on the 'Fathers,' maybe I'm the only one.
Make sure you stay during the credits for some new updates on future Purge information.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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