June 15, 2018

TAG is in theaters on June 15th, 2018.

To be fair, going into Tag, I assumed I was going to enjoy it – and I was right! With a cast of Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Hannibal Buress and Jake Johnson, how could it go wrong? Tag was truly a fun film. The cast looked like they were having fun and in turn, it made the movie fun.

Tag centers around five best friends who get together during the month of May to continue along a 35- year tradition playing the game of tag. They have rules & regulations and they have stuck to this game for decades. The best part of the story – Jerry (played by Jeremy Renner) has never been tagged in the history of the game. And because he’s scheduled his wedding for May 31 st , the gang decides that he’s at his most susceptible and books flights home to tag him before the month runs out. What ensues is a hilarious few days before the wedding of the guys trying to find ways to tag Jerry. However, Jerry is basically a ninja (this is why it’s a fitting role for Renner to revive his Bourne Legacy action skills).

Tag is more than just a funny, slap-stick film – instead it really hits home on the importance of friendship, and finding something that brings everyone together. As the characters all grew up and moved on with our lives finding careers and starting families, it was endearing to see the guys find something every year to bring them back together. I walked out of there wishing that I had a game like that to start with my friends! To top it all off, I think one of my favorite parts of this movie is that this is loosely based on a real article from the Wall Street Journal – stay for the credits and you can see footage of the actual Tag members playing the game!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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