June 01, 2018

On Chesil Beach is in select theaters on June 1st, 2018.

When this movie started I was a bit disappointed. It was very slow paced and the whole vibe of the movie was just awkward. For a minute, I even considered turning it off. It doesn’t help that I am not a big fan of “back and forth” movies, and there was certainly a lot of that. A love story told backwards and then forward again.

However, I am glad I didn’t shut this movie off because it turned itself around and made me eager to find out just how it would end. The love and affection two young adults had for each other, led to a quick marriage. Six hours after the couple were wed; they quickly came to regret it. Florence, played by Saoirse Ronan, was a young musician whose dream was to someday play her violin on the greatest stage in London. Edward, played by Billy Howle, grew up on the other side of town and earned his degree in history while dealing with family issues at home. Although they lived opposite lives, they grew very fond of one another when Edward ran up to Florence in hopes to tell someone, anyone, of his good news.

If awkward sex scenes tend to make you uncomfortable, then I don’t recommend seeing this movie. The plot focuses on the exploration and pressure of sexual intimacy. When Florence realizes that she isn’t ready for sex, she is willing to go to great lengths to keep her husband happy to show him how much she really does love him. Edward on the other hand, is greatly humiliated by Florence’s actions and wants nothing more to do with her.

In the end, I did enjoy this movie. However, I am still left with so many questions. For instance, was Florence sexually abused as a child? This movie has left me hanging in several aspects and I wish I had the answers. I will probably never watch this movie again and most likely won’t recommend it to others. But keep in mind, if you plan on watching On Chisel Beach, it is dreadful at first but it gets a little better towards the end!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

KelsiKelsi (Contributor) raised in Toledo and has been an avid moviegoer since she was little. In her down time you can always find her outdoors enjoying nature or catching up on the latest Netflix series! She’s a huge fan of thrillers, horrors, and comedies.
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