June 22, 2018

Boundaries is in select theaters on June 22nd, 2018.

Ah, the classic feel-good, road trip forced on a protagonist, who is definitely not emotionally stable, with an estranged family member just as charming as conniving... I’m in.

First up we have Laura (Vera Farmiga), single mother and kind of adult. Hobbies include: putting everyone else before herself, perfecting the art of denial, and getting frazzled into being walked over by anyone. Next, let’s get right to the unreliable father not in the picture. Jack (Christopher Plummer), conveniently waltzes back into Laura’s life right after he is kicked out of his retirement home in what seems like no surprise to anyone. After some light manipulation and a promise of payment, Laura agrees to take her father from Seattle to LA to live with her equally-emotionally-damaged-but-different-kinda-quirky sister Jo Jo (Kristen Schaal). Laura packs up a few of her numerous dogs she compulsively saves and uniquely troubled son, Henry (Lewis MacDougall), riddled with misplaced potential for a road trip (wait for it...) they didn’t know they needed. Unbeknownst but definitely obvious to everyone but Laura, Jack continues with his same tricks, scouting Henry to sell off an abundance of marijuana to connections at various stops along the way. This allows the plot to have easy access to good ole dirt that our dysfunctional bunch can throw at each other in the form of old friends and family.

You know how the story goes, so let that be the end of the mandatory plot summary, but don’t let your eyes glaze over yet. Go for the Plummer and stay for the heartfelt mudslinging that anyone with a bit of a messy family can find relatable. This film is not nicely packed and wrapped with a bow for the easily offended and is littered with cliches, but it is the type of feel-good film 2018 needs. The characters are cringeworthy and real with a fine cast to portray the perfectly imperfect vision.

I suggest seeing this movie when it comes out in theaters on June 22nd. Welcome to the new generation of pick-me-up films that take the same cliches and make them blunt and dirty all while maintaining that same classic charm that Plummer brings.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Marisa Marisa (Contributor) is a Maryland native who currently works in New York City. She is an avid Auburn Tigers fan and enjoys traveling around the world. Her hobbies include movies, going to just about any type of sporting event, live music, and playing with her husky and pug.
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