April 27, 2018

Backstabbing For Beginners is in select theaters on April 27th, 2018.

So if I say the word Backstabbing for Beginners, you might have an idea of what that concept is about. However, if I said that's the name of a movie, you might say you've never heard of it, and I would agree with you. Backstabbing for Beginners was a movie I went into not knowing too much, but I was surprised with the outcome of the movie.

Backstabbing for Beginners is about an idealistic young employee working at the UN investigates the grizzly murder of his predecessor and uncovers a vast global conspiracy, that may even involve his own boss, in this gripping and timely thriller.

This movie stars Theo James and Ben Kingsley. Now we all know Ben Kingsley well, and he does not disappoint. He carries an amazing performance, and he knows how to drive any character the way they need to go, to keep the audience engaged. Theo James you might know from those teen movies in the Divergent series. However, the character he plays here is completely different, and this is a side of Theo James that we may want to see more in the future.

So if I were you, I might wait to see this movie, as I'm sure it will most likely only play in the art house theaters. If you want, watch it when it's on a movie channel you may have with your cable provider. You might enjoy it on a random Thursday night in the fall.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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