November 22, 2017
By: Billy Joynt | November 22, 2017

R: November 22nd, 2017 | R: 129 minutes | R: PG-13

When you first find out that Denzel Washington is playing a criminal defense lawyer, you will think to yourself that this movie will be good. How can they go wrong with Denzel playing a lawyer, well they found a way. While the movie itself wasn't bad, it just seemed to get slow at certain times, usually right after it started to pick up. It just seemed like it took forever for us to figure out what Roman wanted to do, and the purpose he was trying to make in the movie.

Colin Farrell plays the bad guy, who's really good, but then maybe he's actually bad the whole time, but then he learns to become the good guy. Sound confusing? Yeah, I thought so. I don't think they knew what they wanted Colin Farrell to be at the start of the film, but they worked him into the movie by the second act and they figured it out.

I feel like with all the choices you have for a long weekend, this movie might not be your choice, unless you're into lawyer movies, or maybe you're a lawyer yourself. I'm thinking you should just wait and see this on a free HBO preview weekend in the future.

Don't bother sitting through the credits and waiting to see actual footage of Roman J Israel, it won't be there. I'm not sure why they didn't included a picture of what he looked like, but just don't waste your time.
-- I've just been informed that maybe Roman isn't a real person, so now I'm thinking this movie was better than it was. It was convincing and I thought he was real. Wow, Denzel gets better and better.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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