October 30, 2017

Mind on Movies wants to share with you the new inspirational movie I'LL PUSH YOU, starring 500 Miles, 2 Best Friends & 1 Wheelchair.

In June 2014, two lifelong friends, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray embarked on an epic, five-and-a-half-week, 500-mile-long journey to hike Spain’s famed El Camino de Santiago (the way of St. James). Hiking this ancient pilgrimage along the vast terrain is challenging enough for the able-bodied. But these friends show the true test of humanity by physically and mentally pushing each other, as Justin, fighting a neuromuscular disease, would have to be pushed in a wheelchair. To reach their goal of completing this amazing trek, they will encounter many seemingly insurmountable obstacles and incredible, often amusing, setbacks. While the pair face various challenges they realize the greatest journey will be that of self-discovery, a sense of purpose and love of a community who, ultimately, redefine the meaning of the phrase, I’LL PUSH YOU. Don’t miss this inspirational documentary about friendship, endurance, humanity and overcoming adversity.

I'LL PUSH YOU is a one night only event taking place on November 2nd, 2017 at 7:30pm.
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