April 07, 2017
Can Nicole Kidman become a great Queen?
When you first read that Nicole Kidman is in this movie, you're probably thinking about Lion. Lion was one of those movies that got everyone talking about it, and everyone liked what they saw. So hearing her name again, this soon, you're thinking alright this will be a good movie, but let's slow down and look at this first.

I didn't actually hear anything about this movie, so I thought to include the synopsis below,
Gertrude Bell (Kidman) chafes against the stifling rigidity of life in turn-of-the-century England, leaving it behind for a chance to travel to Tehran. So begins her lifelong adventure across the Arab world, a journey marked by danger, a passionate affair with a British officer (James Franco), and an encounter with the legendary T.E. Lawrence (Robert Pattinson). Stunningly shot on location in Morocco and Jordan, Queen of the Desert reveals how an ahead-of-her-time woman shaped the course of history.

Yes, you just read James Franco and Robert Pattinson. You might be confused because James Franco has been on a roll of good movies, while Robert Pattinson can't move on from his vampire days. Well this movie is very similar in the way that James Franco exits the movie just as fast as he gets in the movie (with a total of five minute on screen time) and Robert Pattinson stinks up the movie, and we are stuck dealing with him.

Nicole Kidman is good in the roll she plays, it's just a long slow boring roll. Maybe if they shorten the movie and added some action, the movie would have kept my interest.

Stay through the credits to see the real life footage of the real people.

3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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