March 31, 2017
This Film Should Go to The Dark Below
The Dark Below is the thriller about Ben, a serial killer, who poisons Rachel. He then follows to submerge her under ice. As she strives to survive, he stays to watch.

The sad part about this movie is that the synopsis is literally everything that happens throughout the entirety of the film. It would have been better as a five minute short. I was surprised that this low budget film even got picked up. There is no redeeming qualities of the film besides a barely interesting plotline. Not to mention, the major lack in dialogue. When I say a lack in dialogue, I mean there are literally like three lines. The script consisted of grunting sounds. The film also has music that doesn't fit the movie at all The score is far too exciting for what's taking place on screen. The acting is horrendous and Rachel is an incredibly stupid character. Every move she makes has me questioning her logic. The simple and stupid concept is not even enough material for a feature film. The only way that the director, Douglas Schulze, was able to get a runtime of seventy-five minutes was by his insane amount of laughable slow motion shots.

Overall, this film tries its hardest to be an emotional and smart thriller but, results in a senseless film that will bore the audience. Just the audio alone seems as if it was made by a first time student film. I can't confidently pull a redeeming quality out of this film. Don’t waste your time with The Dark Below.

Taking all of this into consideration, the highest I can give this film is a 0.5/5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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Cabell (Contributor) is a filmmaker from Tampa, Florida. He will watch just about any film but when he's not reviewing the latest hits he spends time directing films of his own.