October 26, 2016
This documentary may bring you closer to become a true wanker.

Oasis: Supersonic is the latest film from the Academy Award® winning producers of AMY and SENNA, SUPERSONIC tells the incredible true story of the meteoric rise, chaotic reign, and epic explosion of the legendary rock band Oasis.

This movie involves Liam and Noel Gallagher. If you do not know who these two wankers are, go ahead and take a moment to google them.

This is a movie that you may more commonly see on The History Channel. It's really just a bunch of people talking about past events, in this case, the events of Oasis. Some people will see the art history in this movie and will want to pay attention to remember the events that happened in their youth.

This movie is not rated, but I would be advised when you go and see this. It has quite a bit of language in the movie, as well as terms you may not recognize because this is a European band.

I would recommend waiting to see this movie when it's on Netflix. This isn't a movie that was screaming at me that I had to watch it, or anything that would make me like the music from this group more.

A24 will release the riveting rock doc in U.S. theaters as a one night only theatrical event on October 26.
Tickets are available to purchase at many theaters nationwide.
Visit SUPERSONIC-MOVIE.COM to learn more.

3 out of 5

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