September 09, 2016

Tom Hanks brings out the big guns in Sully

With most knowing the story of the Miracle on the Hudson, the amazing landing of US Airways plane on the Hudson River in New York, this movie knew it had to go deep into the mind so it wouldn't just be something that you already know. That's what makes this movie good. It shows a different side of the whole miracle that happen.

With Clint Eastwood as the director, you know this movie is going to be top notch, and it is. Clint Eastwood knows how to bring out the right amount of emotion to make you feel what the character is feeling as an audience member.

Aaron Eckhart plays the co-pilot Jeff Skiles. Thank goodness Aaron Eckhart was in this movie. As the movie hit a lot of struggles that Sully went through, Eckhart's character was the coemdy relief we needed as the audience. He helped keep the movie lighter and moving in the direction it needed to go.

You should probably go and see this movie in the theater. This movie is going to bring back Tom Hanks to the top, where he always belongs.

3 out of 5

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