Review: Sausage Party

How far does Seth Rogen's Sausage go?

If you just watch the Sausage Party movie trailer, you may just think that this movie will be alright. It just looks like a grown ups, rated R, cartoon comedy. The point was it was alright for a bit, but then turned into something you may have not wanted to watch.

This movie does have an all star cast. It has a lot of celebrities that Seth Rogen normally brings together for his movies. Seth Rogen is turning into Adam Sandler in that fashion. Adam Sandler uses the same actors in his movies, and now Seth is doing the same thing.

If you end up going to see this movie, have a drink, have a few drinks. The more drinks you have in your system, then funnier this movie will be and the more you will actually like it.

3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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Konnie Semonski said…
Well, I liked the movie and laughed my head off. I read some of the "politically correct" reviews and just shook my head. This is a very adult comedy and Seth is an equal opportunity offender. If you cannot handle adult humor then skip this one - If you can you will laugh so hard it will hurt!!
Joseph Salomone said…
50/50 is still probably Seth Rogen's best movie.It has heart, humor, and dramatic heft. But I also love The Interview and Superbad
Jeffery Jelm said…
My favorite Seth Rogan movie was Knocked Up. You got to see his serious side in comical situations and took a funny approach to everyday situations. You could relate with with, no matter who you are. A true comedic genius!
HDGK said…
I've been wanting to see this since I saw the trailer a month or two ago. I'm all for adult comedies and stupid jokes.
Amal Bakhsh said…
This was the worst movie i ever watched in my life, the jokes were stupid and repetitive every 1-2 mins through out thw whole movie.. Trailer is very misleading.. I can't understand how this movie even got released.
Ronald Oliver said…
This movie may have it's moments, but I don't think it's worth the price of admission. I think I will wait for when it arrives at Redbox.
This movie made me laugh!! Sausage Party is definitely offensive, but it's actually quite smart and very funny.
Dan K said…
This movie was a gut busting hilarious,ADULTS ONLY animated work of art!!!!!! 2 thumbs up
Olivia S said…
Although it was generally funny, there were parts where I found myself rolling my eyes. As someone who loves Seth's other works I wasn't offended by it, but there were parts that were boring. It was a fun rainy-day movie, but not one that I would want to watch again.
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