Review: Ben-Hur

How Jesus filled is Ben-Hur?

Now I have not seen the original Ben-Hur. so I am unable to compare this to the other one, but if the other one was anything like this Ben-Hur, then it is a must see. This Ben-Hur is something that you might want to see. It offers a compelling story, that doesn't make the movie feel like two hours.

The only issue with this movie is there was one part were you (the audience) are excited, after a edge of your seat chariot race, but then Ben-Hur does something it shouldn't. It continues on for fifteen more minutes. Now those fifteen minutes isn't awful, it's more just not needed extra movie.

The 3D this movie offers is really good. If you are thinking of splurging a little, do it on the 3D. There are two whole scenes that make it so worth it. I'm referring to the boat war scene and the chariot race.

3 out of 5

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Nicole McNeely said…
I enjoyed the movie very much. I did feel like it cannot begin to compare to the original and I missed some of my favorite parts, but I understand that it was made more for the generation now who didn't see or fully appreciate the 1959 version. I thought Toby Kebbell did a fantastic job as Masala.
Jeffery Jelm said…
This is what going to the movies was made for! An amazing tale of race, class, equality, love, war and family that really takes you there in every scene. Gorgeous backdrops and incredible acting make the film easy on the eyes. The dialogue and demand for a better world resonates true today as is did thousands of years ago, and that where it touches deep. I loved this movie. What a great way to join Orlando's screening community! Thank you. :-)
Elizabeth Parker said…
Yet only 3 stars still? :P
Stephanie Nicole said…
First, if you see this at the theater, don't bother with the 3D, it is not even used in the film. Second, the reboot...don't compare this to the '59 Heston film. The acting of that time was more theatrical and just plain different. No re-boot today will ever capture that way of acting. Third, this film. Rodrigo played a convincing Jesus. Judah's character was only believable up until he was enslaved. On screen, he lacked the passion and pure anger that a person would have after all he was put through. He didn't have that "dark side-ness" that one would need in order to pull a 180 on the type of person one is. Is it entertaining? Yes. Is it worthwhile to see in the theater? Yes. Did they have white leather back in the time of Jesus? Apparently. :P
Scott Boynton said…
Great movie great remake
Devon L Smith said…
Correct, The 3d was useless-a 31/2 movie was no comparison to this one, I only found the sea fight worthwhile and somewhat the chariot race.This movie I thought had no depth of acting like it was a rushed project. Ben Hur twice saved MGM studios with remakes and this one was not a classic to me and I wonder why it was even attempted to be remade if your not going to make it better ? I had a hard time knowing that they made the characters Brothers instead of friends in the beginning. Jesus running down the steps pushing people out the way to give Ben Hur water was too funny to mention. Starting it off with the horse race was was doomed without character definition...I see this movie fading out as time goes by. I had to watch the William Wyler version again to appreciate the quality again. But this was just my opinion.
Allyson Becker said…
I am not sure if anyone can compare to Charlton Heston, but I am willing to see it with an open mind.
dPPPd said…
I'll see Ben-Hur in 3D too.
canadianflag2 said…
I don't remember much about the '59 version but I really enjoyed this updated one. . The whole chariot scene and ship battles were very intense and very realistic to me. The religious references are so poignant that it made the movie all more real to me. Even if you're not religious, it's still a good story worth seeing.
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