July 22, 2016

You may just sleep with your lights on after this movie.

This is your modern day horror (scary) movie. They have plenty of jump scenes that will make you jump in your seat, and it will have some parts that may make you want to turn away and not look at the screen. Lights Out will make you want to sleep with your lights on when you go to bed after watching this movie.

The good thing about this movie, is it is based in today's day. All of the characters in the movie have cell phones, that they even poke fun at to add some comic relief. They even call the cops in the movie because they are being haunted.

If you were a fan of The Conjuring, one or two, then you will want to see this movie as well. It is on the same level as those movies.
You may actually want to wait to see this movie during the day time, it won't be fun walking out of the theater into the darkness, if you watch it too late in the day.

3 out of 5

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