That Awkward Moment

Can a chick flick for guys work?

The simple answer would be no. You will go into this movie thinking it will be a very gunny movie, from the looks of the trailer, However this is where the trick is in the movie. It's a dupe. This movie is a chick flick for guys. That means no one wins and no one will like this movie.

The director, Tom Gormican, who is he? No one. What do I mean? I mean he has only produced one other movie, Movie 43. So you can tell this movie needed more help. So they got a writer, who's the writer? Tom Gormican. Well at least this guy isn't one of those cheesy director who puts themselves in the movie. That's where your wrong. He's a waiter in the restaurant in the movie.

When you see the cast, Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, you might say, "Hey, those guys could be good." Well let's start with Zac Efron. He hasn't been in any comedy movie, so that's not a good start. In this movie he's more the pretty boy who has all the problems to commit to a girl, where have you heard that before, try any other chick flick with Channing Tatum. I just Seth Rogan can carry the comedy in Neighbors, which is to be release May 9th, because you know Zac can't.

Michael B. Jordan, as adding the B would help us to not confuse this guy with Michael Jordan. Michael is a Soap Opera actor, known for All My Children. He wouldn't know comedy if it changed the color of his JUNK. Which leaves us with Miles Teller. 21 and Up and Project X is his background. So you want Miles to be funny. The only problem is they made him carry too much of the jokes in the movie. You won't be able to enjoy it because Miles can't handle that much at one.

If you would like, just go ahead and watch the trailer and that will be good enough. You will get the drift with what's going on with that.
If you do go to the movie, stay during the credits. For some reason they decided to edit out all the actually funny scenes and put them at the end.

0.5 out of 4

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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Unknown said…
I am so glad I read your review. Honestly I didn't think it looked that great from the trailer anyways and the only reason I'd consider it is to see Zach Efron but this is one of those no need to see movies. Thanks for the information!
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