American Hustle

Can a movie about a con's con con work?

American Hustle is about what life was in the 70s. There was plenty of music and everyone could wear more reveling clothes then they can wear in today's day and age. Although the movie is long, if you pay attention the time will go by quicker then you think, however not too quick in certain slow parts.

The movie is about a con man coning his way through life. You will have to pay close attention in the movie. This is like the Inception of Con's. It's a con inside a con while another con is going on.

The performances from Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper are what makes this movie great. They are really in character for who they play. They know how to act. Jennifer Lawrence is another hidden gem in the movie. She plays a fantastic crazy house wife. Now Amy Adams should really just stick with romantic comedy movies and Superman. There is nothing for her in this movie.

Surprisingly Louis C.K. is a great addition to this movie. I didn't know he was even in this movie until I saw the movie. He really is a great comedy relief that is added in the movie. He brings a different element when he is in any movie.

3 out of 4

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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