Man of Steel After Credit Scene

No Scene after the credits of Man of Steel 

As most know, after almost all super hero movies there is a scene after the credits start to roll for you to look out for. Well I can safely tell you Man of Steel has no scene after those credits.

Now you maybe wondering why this is, because they will more then likely have a sequel to this movie. Well that's because they put hidden things in the movie to lead you to the upcoming sequel. So when you go and see this new superman movie make sure your watching for those parts.

I was able to catch 3 parts in the movie that show information on whats going to happen in the sequel.

I will help you find one, Play the trailer below and stop it at 2 minutes and 18 seconds on the dot. Comment below on what you see.



Unknown said…
Okay I just got back from watching the movie. Other than Lexcorp being seen a few times, I missed any hints toward the sequel. A little help?
Billy Joynt said…
I'm glad you saw the movie, but as to not spoil the movie for others, shoot me an email and I will let you know,
Unknown said…
There's also a Wayne Entreprises sign in the movie, when you watch closely, I saw it, and Nolan said it
Billy Joynt said…
Yes that is true also, It was on a satellite in space.
Marvin927 said…
I saw 3..not sure if its the 3 things you've seen....there was -the LexCorp on the video above(at 2:18 mark),
-the Wayne Enterprise sign on the satellite and
-the Blaze Comics (saw it but very fast) - seen it while Superman and Zod are flying and is about to fight alongside a skyscraper. Isn't Blaze Comics the one who plublishes Booster Gold? Just my thoughts.

Also When Clark and Lois is having a conversation with the US Military...manhunter was mentioned. Isn't Martian Manhunter a shapeshifter? my guess is he is with the US military already disguised as General Swanick.

Jax-Ur is also in the movie...he was the one who created Brainiac.

Actor Tahmoh Penikett played the character of Henry Ackerdson (a.k.a Metallo) in the movie.

-So if there will be a sequel...will it be like a part of the story of the DC animated films Justice League Doom or Superman Unbound? :)
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