Secret to be in Gosling's new MOVIE

So you want to know what the secret is to be in Ryan Gosling's new movie? Well for starters you can pretend you have no idea who he is. At least thats what this guy did, Larry Mongo.
You see, Ryan likes to stop in Cafe D'Mongo, did you noticed something already. Larry Mongo owns this Cafe where Ryan's at. When Ryan first went in there, Larry had to ask who he was, because he didnt know why Ryan was getting so much attention.
Larry Mongo
Ryan was in the Cafe and just asked Larry if he ever acted before. To which Larry made a joke about acting only in front of the police. But after the quick chat, A guy took Larrys number to which he was called a couple days later to discussion the part he would play. It's that simple. Run into Ryan and act like you have never seen the guy anywhere before, he may just give you a part in his new movie.

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