June 12, 2024
By: Billy Joynt | June 12th, 2024

Are you ready to go back to the emotions that made us cry? Well be ready, cause not only are there new emotions, they just make it even more relatable than ever with everyday life. It is amazing to see how anyone can relate to these movies, and will want to keep you glued and invested in what you are watching.

Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” returns to the mind of newly minted teenager Riley just as Headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who’ve long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety, Envy, Ennui and Embarrassment show up.

While we do have new emotions to deal with, like Anxiety, we also still have the core emotions. All the characters on screen, and the actors that voice them, seem to all go well together. They are all a team that can pull off living inside one head, and you don't get confused over this. The story moves quickly, and this will help the younger audience to stay focused on new things happening on screen all at once. The story fits well, from start to finish and will all end in a way that will leave you satisfied and making sense of it all.

Sometimes we forget that these movies that are intended for kids, are still made by adults, so they add things, and storylines, into the movie that adults can not only just relate to, but feel emotionally. INSIDE OUT 2 is filled with this. I'm sure the young audience will have feelings too, but the adults will feel so much more watching this movie, experiencing this movie, enjoy the life this movie shows.

The emotions, new and old, all do well in the movie and will make you ready for a third installment, so we can explore which emotion is coming up next. Everything seems to fall right in place with this film, and it will leave you feeling every emotion by the end.

Don't forget all the popcorn and butter. As there are a few moments of slowness, the popcorn will help. Don't feel bad, the slowness is actually needed in this film. This will help you catch your breath and will help you process your own emotions about everything you're dealing with inside and outside this movie.

INSIDE OUT 2 is in Theaters June 14th, 2024.

Rating: 4 out of 5
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