November 16, 2023
By: Ashley Kethley | November 16th, 2023

The crew is back for the next installment in the trolls franchise. Poppy (Anna Kendrick) discovers that Branch (Justin Timberlake) has four brothers and was once part of a super famous boy band! When one of his brothers finds himself in trouble, they all band together to save him. There are some new characters like Viva (Camila Cabello) who was such a fun addition, loved her energy!

This movie has all the elements of the other trolls movies, lots of music, jokes, and a storyline that is easy to digest. Where this movie lacked was the villains, Veneer (Andrew Rannells) and Velvet (Amy Schumer) their animation was too creepy and characters were pretty annoying. I didn’t enjoy any scenes with them and felt like the story could’ve had a more interesting or entertaining antagonist.

I enjoyed most of the movie and loved all the boy band references, I did feel like it needed more boy band music, just based on the title alone. Growing up with boy bands, I enjoyed the references that were there. Heading the music felt reminiscent of my youth and I especially loved the ending!

This is rated PG with some adult jokes (similar to Shrek) and there were some scary parts, but overall if your kids have seen the other films it’s pretty similar.

TROLLS BAND TOGETHER is in theaters November 17th, 2023.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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