August 17, 2022
By: Logan Wischmeier | August 17th, 2022

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' is Marvel’s newest show premiering August 18th on Disney+! I was lucky enough to get a chance to check out its first 4 of 9 episodes, which are around 30-minutes each instead of the usual hour runtime. This show is a big departure from what Marvel has been doing recently, seeing as this is basically their first sitcom, but I’m happy to report that they’ve done great with this show so far!

Jennifer Walters is a NYC lawyer, and cousin to our old pal Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk! Under some interesting circumstances, Jennifer comes into contact with some of Bruce’s blood, and is now a Hulk herself! We have a 6’7 She-Hulk, who gains size and strength, but loses none of her control, unlike her cousin’s original problem. Tatiana Maslany plays our lead, and she is absolutely fantastic. This show wouldn’t have a chance of working if her character wasn’t great, and they’ve done a fantastic job at making sure she’s just that. She smart, sarcastic, and funny, no matter what form she takes! She even breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the audience occasionally!

Being a Marvel show that has a cast consisting of two Hulks, you would expect some action, and you get a little bit of that action, but I found myself not needing it! Hanging out with Maslany as Jennifer Walters is more than enough to keep me entertained. Not saying the action that we get isn’t great, because it is, but they’ve done such a great job on character development that this could be just a lawyer show set in the MCU, and I’d be ready to watch every week!

Mark Ruffalo does make a lengthy appearance in episode one, mostly to sell us on our new title character, and he’s pretty much gone after that. What we get of him is great though, Smart Hulk doing his thing, making sure Earth is safe, now that there’s a new Hulk in town. Tim Roth returns for the first time since his debut in the MCU back in 2008 in The Incredible Hulk as Emil Blonsky, unless you count his giant counterpart’s quick cameo in Shang-Chi. That’s right, Abomination is back and it’s because… he’s up for parole! Roth is having an absolutely blast with this character so far. Definitely a departure from the tone of his first appearance so many years ago, but somehow his presence fits in and even his drastic personality change makes sense. Other actors such as Ginger Gonzaga and Josh Segarra round up the cast as Walters’ legal assistant and partner at the law firm. Both are hilarious in their own right and really help sell this show as a sitcom.

Overall, after 4 episodes I couldn’t be happier! While this show isn’t a giant Marvel epic, it fits into the MCU beautifully and helps grow the “ground level” of this universe in an authentic way. I think if you know what to expect and realize that this show isn’t taking itself as seriously as some other Marvel series in the past, anyone can enjoy this to the fullest. I can honestly say that if I was given all 9 of the 30-minute episodes in one day, I would’ve wanted to binge through them all. I had that much fun, and I hope that you will too! Come back to this review after you’ve seen the premiere and let us know if you’re excited for where this series might take us!

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' streams exclusively on Disney+ beginning August 18th, 2022.

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