July 29, 2022
By: Billy Joynt | July 29th, 2022

DC returns to animation with their first theatrical release animated film since Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. This movie has a star studded cast featuring Dwayne Johnson (Krypto), Kevin Hart (Ace/Bat-Hound), Kate McKinnon(Lulu), John Krasinski(Superman), and Keanu Reeves(Batman).

Krypto and Superman are best friends who fight crime together and have the same superpowers. When Superman becomes engaged to Lois Lane, Krypto struggles to understand what that means for their future as best friends. Superman is suddenly kidnapped by Lulu, the evil hairless gerbil and Krypto desperately tries to form a plan to rescue him. Joined by Ace and some supporting friends, Krypto attempts to save his best friend, and the Justice League from the evil clutches of Lulu.

This movie was super cute and entertaining. There is some adult humor especially from the turtle, (Natasha Lyonne) who is hilarious. I’m a big fan of DC movies and shows, my favorite part of this was the Justice League, who had representation and diversity, something I always applaud DC for. They change it up and inclusion is so important especially for kids to see characters on the screen that look like them. I also loved the soundtrack with a few TSwille songs, it was awesome!

Overall the movie was great to take your kids to, I wouldn’t personally watch this by myself as an adult but kids will definitely like it. I can see this being a movie kids play on repeat and you end up learning all the words.

'DC League of Super-Pets' is in Theaters July 29th, 2022.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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