June 07, 2022
By: Logan Wischmeier | June 7th, 2022

Ms. Marvel is here and it’s Marvel’s next series to release on Disney Plus this week! I was lucky enough to see the first two episodes, and while I would never spoil a show for our readers, I want to give you all my general thoughts!

With that being said, I’m really enjoying the show so far! Iman Vellani, who plays Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan, leads the series. She is incredibly lovable to watch as the awkward, high- school girl that is obsessed with the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel. As Marvel’s first Muslim super-hero, her family and culture are very important aspects of this show, and I think it’s off to a strong start so far.

If you’re a fan of the comics, you should know that they’ve changed Ms. Marvel’s powers to help her fit more closely with of the cosmic side of Marvel. Instead of having growing/stretching abilities, she can conjure energy to make force fields, platforms to stand on, or giant hands to use at will. I like the change so far, although with this being an origin story, they haven’t been shown off a ton just yet.

The supporting characters in this series have all been great so far. Her family are all spot-on in what their roles should be so far, over-protective parents and her charming older brother. Tons of shenanigans take place in their family home, and every emotion imaginable has already been experienced. The key relationships though are her best friends. Bruno and Nakia are both fantastic, and the actor’s chemistry with Vellani is through the roof. I loved every second of them on screen with one another. The goofy/awkwardness of high school is on full display here.

The story has been full of suspense and fun. Also, episode two ends on a cliffhanger that I’m dying to see where it takes us. We’re figuring out where Kamala’s powers come from, what kind of attention she may receive from having these powers, and what friendships are most important to her along the way. I’m very excited for what this show will bring to the Marvel Universe, and while some could see this as repetitive, Kamala Khan looks to be the female, and more diverse version of Peter Parker, who we all know and love. I welcome this with open arms!

Let me know your thoughts on Ms. Marvel as you see the episodes airing Wednesdays on Disney Plus! I look forward to hearing from you all!

'Ms. Marvel' will air weekly on Disney+ beginning June 8th, 2022. 

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