November 19, 2021
By: Ashley Bell | November 19th, 2021


'Encanto' releases on November, 24th, 2021.

Encanto is Walt Disney Animation Studio’s newest film that follows the Madrigal family. The family is far from ordinary as they each have a special gift except for the main character, Maribel. As time passes, the Madrigal’s magic begins to falter leaving the family on an unforgettable quest to find the source.

This movie truly stands out with how vibrant and detailed the animation is. Each scene draws the attention of the viewers by depicting the enchanting lives of the Madrigals in their lively home. Every member of the family has a distinct personality which is even more highlighted through the brilliancy of the animation.

The soundtrack is another stand out point for the film. Adjacent to a musical, the songs are sure to have you dancing along in your seat as they drive the plot along. There are songs for a range of emotions as they differ from upbeat to somber. Worth noting is some of the songs follow dark themes and might be scary for younger children. These themes are not the primary focus of the movie and are well balanced, however.

Encanto is a film that is sure to enchant viewers with its high-quality visuals and alluring soundtrack. It is a movie that focuses on family themes which can be relatable to many viewers. I was excited to watch Encanto again before I even left the theater because it is a heartwarmingly charming story.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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