August 24, 2020
By: Ashley Bell | August 23rd, 2020

As the world tries to regain normality during the pandemic, one of my favorite places is open again: the movie theater. The movies was my place to escape the reality of the world and be transformed into the action and entertainment on the screen. Now this escape looks slightly different with the precautions set in place to remain open while keeping viewers safe. I had the opportunity to visit Regal Pointe in Orlando FL and will share my experience.

Initially I was apprehensive to return to the movies. I was not sure how they were going to handle sanitizing processes, enforcement of mask wearing and social distancing. Much to my relief, Regal has thought out as many things people might be apprehensive about. The ticket reservation system has a built-in way to enforce social distancing. As guests reserve their seats, it automatically blocks out the seats next to them. This put me at ease because if you are familiar with Regal’s chairs, they are large enough to put enough distance in between each group.

When I actually arrived to the theater, there were signs on each door explaining masks need to be worn inside the building. Each employee I encountered wore their masks properly and greeted us as if nothing changed. There were bright orange signs on the floor to mark social distancing guidelines near the ticket booths, guest services and concessions. Everyone in the theater adhered to the signage and wore their masks properly.

At concessions, the employee assisting me wore gloves as they handled my food and drink. One thing I will note is there was no self-serve butter for the popcorn. This will be something to get used to because everyone has a varying method of how to distribute their butter evenly. The employee understood how I wanted it however and there are also cups they can put it in so you can do it yourself.

I will note there were no hand sanitizing stations. This means people will have to go to the restroom to wash their hands which is not always convenient. I would have liked to have hand sanitizer near the tickets and concessions. That way people can sanitize conveniently before and after touching the screens or commonly touched areas. Of course I had a personal hand sanitizer with me but it would have been nice for Regal to provide.

Despite the lack of hand sanitizer available, I felt comfortable with the safety measures in place. Everyone in the movie I watched kept on the masks minus eating. As soon as they finished, they put them back on.

I definitely will be returning to a Regal theater in the near future. The safety guidelines they have implemented will work well to keep attendees safe to continue to enjoy on screen entertainment.
Ashley Ashley Bell (Contributing Editor) is an Orlando native who loves watching movies. Her favorite genres include comedies, thrillers and sci-fi.
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