March 22, 2019

The Hummingbird Project is in select theaters on March 22nd, 2019.

The Hummingbird Project is all about striking it rich, making millions from milliseconds. In a world where everything is fast and tech, what matters most is who gets the data quickest. Two cousins, Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård), scheme up a plan to create the fastest means of conducting high-frequency trading. Vincent, the hustler, creates a plan by which he produces a fiber-optic cable that will stretch underground from Kansas to New Jersey. However, he needs his cousin Anton, the brains, to configure an algorithm that will lower the number of milliseconds it takes for the data to travel across their line. So what’s the goal here? To create the fastest means of transportation of data and then sell it to the opposing company in order to make millions.

During this top secret mission, everything you could imagine goes wrong. Between detrimental health issues and former boss Eva Torres (Salma Hayek) getting in the way of their plans, it feels as though Vincent and Anton will never finish the job. Jesse Eisenberg plays his part well, per usual. However, I was impressed by the role of Alexander Skarsgård. He completely takes on a role that is like nothing he’s ever done before. Anton is an algorithmic genius with a very atypical personality. This film is packed with emotion and of course, here and there, a few laughs. I enjoyed watching this movie and it definitely kept me intrigued.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

KelsiKelsi (Contributor) raised in Toledo and has been an avid moviegoer since she was little. In her down time you can always find her outdoors enjoying nature or catching up on the latest Netflix series! She’s a huge fan of thrillers, horrors, and comedies.
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