November 11, 2018

Trouble is in select theaters on November 2nd, 2018.

Trouble is all about family feuds. We all know siblings can get into fights sometimes, but the fight between these two never seems to stop. Older sister Maggie (Anjelica Huston) and little brother Ben (Bill Pullman) constantly go at it, until one of them gets seriously injured.

Ben and Maggie seemed to be close as kids, but when Maggie had to leave for college their bond quickly broke in two. Ben, who struggled in school and never made it far, was left alone with his dad after Maggie moved out and never came back. We watch as the two sibling’s flashback to when they were younger and reminisce about the times they used to have together. Now a day though, the land their father had left them in his will, with good intentions, has become their battle ground.

While this movie has its laughs, it has its seriousness as well. It makes you realize that holding a grudge never did anyone any good; all can and should be forgiven. Not just for the other person, but for our own wellbeing too. I thought the actors played their roles well and made the film enjoyable. However, I wouldn’t say this is a favorite!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

KelsiKelsi (Contributor) raised in Toledo and has been an avid moviegoer since she was little. In her down time you can always find her outdoors enjoying nature or catching up on the latest Netflix series! She’s a huge fan of thrillers, horrors, and comedies.
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