October 05, 2018

Venom is in theaters on October 5th, 2018.

Venom is the starting point of Sony’s ambitious project that makes their own Universe. Since the trailer launched, there were lots of concerns and expectations. This is the Venom character’s 2nd cinematic appearance and character’s first appearance since Spiderman 3 (directed by Sam Raimi) that was not successful enough to critics and studio.

Overall the action scenes were not creative enough but still very charming. Venom’s beasty and heavy actions scenes definitely feel different from Spidey’s web action, and I really liked it. But still I really felt that the movie is suppose go to R rated. It was noticeable that movie tries to not showing blood and gore scenes (some sequence felt cut and pass). Actions scenes were powerful but not vicious enough (if you think about Venom’s character).

Even though I said movie was entertaining, I cannot say that it was good movie. Overall character development was poor, typical no charming villain. Also movie is not dark at all. If you are expecting about agonized, struggling/conflicting on two persona/character/personality, this is not the movie you wanna watch. One thing that I was really surprised on this movie was, it is very light. It wasn’t dark at all. Overall tone of movie was very light, character’s agony wasn’t long and deep, but packed with humor. I never thought that I felt cute on Symbiote and Venom. This is ironic part. In the movie, Venom was not vicious, and dark but he is too good, very cooperative. Therefore I think lots of comics fans may did not like it because persona, identity, and tone of Venom character is too light for them. I kinda agree with it but during the screening reaction, most of audience seemed liked cute/good Venom character.

Also I really like bromance and humor part of movie. Dialogue between Eddie Brock and Symbiote was hilarious enough. (But ironically this is the part that also I got disappointed) If you like overall MCU’s light humor tone you may like it.

Overall, for me, movie was very entertaining enough. It was fun action packed. It is typical marvel style’s solo hero (dark hero) movie, but also in other words, movie was not creative, deep and well developed. They could’ve make it much better but still it seemed studio decided to makes movie more safe way so they can continue the franchise, but I cannot say that it was bad decision, and I kinda enjoyed.

Rating: 2.9 out of 5

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