October 19, 2018

Halloween is in theaters on October 19th, 2018.

Spooky season is here and what’s more spookier than a masked lunatic in coveralls chasing people with a kitchen knife? Halloween 2018 is hitting theatres this weekend and I have to say I was pretty excited to see this film. This film is a high tension thriller that I really enjoyed watching. The movie had everything from laughs to scares, thrills and suspense. Director David Gordon Green dismisses the nine sequels and remakes of John Carpenter's original. Therefore, to them, Halloween 2018 is the first sequel to the classic, which in my opinion is the right way to do it.

Halloween 2018 brings viewers back to Haddonfield, Illinois 40 years after Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) escaped the killing spree of Michael Myers. Laurie is now a mother, and grandmother who doesn’t get along with her daughter (Judy Greer). Her daughter had a very difficult childhood because her mother was training her for Michael Myers’s escape. Viewers soon learn that Michael escapes prison while being transported to a different facility on the night before Halloween (surprise, surprise).

Jamie Lee Curtis is fierce and vengeful in the film. Her character went through a very traumatic experience and becomes paranoid because of this; she believes Michael is not human and allows this notion to take over her life. She becomes over prepared because she doesn’t want anything else to happen to her or her family. She stocks her household with massive amounts of guns and traps, eagerly anticipating Michael’s arrival. And wow does he come for her, letting no one get in his way.

The film utilizes focus shots and blurred images to cause viewers to feel anxious in anticipation whenever Michael Myers nears the screen. Viewers who are sensitive to gore can tolerate this movie as the trailer depicts that the slasher scenes would be more intense than they actually appear. Jamie Lee Curtis and other characters provide a sense of female empowerment in this film that I really enjoyed. The only aspect of the film that I was not a fan of includes one particular scene in the third act where a character made a choice in which his motives were unclear and confusing. It was a risk that was a bit strange for David Gordon Green to take and in my opinion, it did not work seamlessly into the movie. Aside from this, the last half hour of the film was gripping!

Halloween 2018 will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. The famous Halloween theme song, opening credits, and movie set all pay tribute to the original Halloween movies. This movie accurately maintains classic elements to earlier Halloween movies. Needless to say, anyone who is a Michael Myers fan will love this movie. Look no further for a Halloween movie to watch with your friends or a date, go out and watch Halloween!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Nikki Nikki (Contributor) is a Chicago Native who loves watching movies (some definitely more than once). Her favorite genres include Thrillers and Dramas. When she's not at the movies you can most likely find her at a live concert, singing along to a Disney classic or binge watching Netflix.
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