September 07, 2018

The Nun is in theaters on September 7th, 2018.

The most transparent element in The Nun is its classic horror influence; a solid third is made up of sequences of Demián Bechir walking into unholy places like the priest from The Exorcist, anchored by the same point-of-view shots that Sam Raimi revolutionarily used in the Evil Dead franchise. The backbone of The Nun's production design, which is set in 1952, is a direct reference to Black Narcissus from 1947, from Hardy's use of expressive lighting to shot-for-shot parallels of the demonic nuns at high angles.

The Nun's has different tones throughout its runtime, most of which are jarring and conflicting. During the climax, the film's sequences feel less like horror and more like what you would see in an action film. But for the majority of The Nun, a nostalgic and moody thriller that abuses its right of jumpscares and poor CGI, the thought of yet another The Conjuring spin-off doesn't sound sacrilegious.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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