July 12, 2018

Leave No Trace is in select theaters on July 13th, 2018.

Having seen Winter’s Bone, I was very excited to see what Leave No Trace had in store. Though this movie was not as exciting as Winter’s Bone was, it had its own story to tell. The director, Debra Granik, was sure to keep that same “family bond” within the films plot. Bill Foster (Will) played a single and troubled father of his only daughter, Caroline (Thomasin McKenzie). Living a very mysterious life, they kept to their own and maintained a strict routine. Although not the lifestyle that one would typically live, it worked just fine for them. That is, until one tiny mistake was made that ended up jeopardizing it all.

Trying to find a place that they can once again call home, they are set forth on a journey they never expected. This movie gave very interesting insight onto what it might be like to live with a veteran who struggles with PTSD. Leave No Trace was based on a true story that happened during 2004 and was filmed in the Tualatin Mountains of Oregon. The scenery in this movie is superb. It takes you off-the-grid into a world you don’t realize truly exists, beyond your everyday city atmosphere. New Zealand actress, Thomas McKenzie, plays her role exceptionally well. Some are even calling her the next “J-Law.” However, this film is a lot slower and had more contemplation than its predecessor. If you’re into movies based on a true story, with very subtle drama but lots of exploration, than this is the film for you.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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