July 13, 2018

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is in theaters on July 13th, 2018.

This is the third installment in the (hopefully) never ending series.

The whole gang is back for an adventure at sea! Mavis (Selena Gomez) is worried about the stress level her father, Dracula (Adam Sandler) has been going through. Little does she know, he’s actually just lonely and wants a partner. So she plans a cruise to the Lost City of Atlantis so her dad can relax on a nice family vacation. The fun ensues as we meet new characters and discover new lands.

If you love these movies like I do, you’ll enjoy this one. It did feel more over the top...especially at the end, but all in all a good movie. Your kids will like this even if they are easily scared this one is more kid friendly than it’s predecessors.

I’m a huge fan of anything Genndy Tartakovsky creates and this series is spooky-ish so I’m way into it. How many more days until Halloween???

Rating: 2.8 out of 5

AshleyKAshley K. (Contributor) is a frequent traveler currently living in San Diego. She's a super nerd who enjoys all kinds of movies and doesn't always think the book was better.
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