June 01, 2018

Global Road has just released BRAND NEW CHARACTER POSTERS for a stylish look at the incredible ensemble cast in HOTEL ARTEMIS. Take a look at these stunning character portraits done by artist Flore Maquin, and get to know who's who in the cast:
Jodie Foster - "Nurse"

Sterling K. Brown - "Waikiki"

Sofia Boutella - "Nice"

Jeff Goldblum - "The Wolf King/Niagara"

Brian Tyree Henry -"Honolulu"

Jenny Slate - "Morgan"

Zachary Quinto - "Crosby"

Charlie Day - "Acapulco"

Dave Bautista - "Everest"
The damnedest thing you ever saw!
For an even deeper look at the Hotel Artemis characters, we have a brand new CHARACTER TRAILER (inspired by the 1975 film NASHVILLE)!
Pay attention for your guide to one night in the lives of 9 unforgettable people.

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