December 01, 2017

R: December 1st, 2017 | R: 84 minutes | R: NR

Thirst Street is a story following a broken spirit that looks for happiness in all the wrong places, and pays the price for it. We follow Gina, a flight attendant looking for a new beginning while recovering from the horrible tragedy of losing her longtime boyfriend Paul.

Gina, played by Lindsay Burdge, has such an innocence to her that in the beginning, I thought fit the character well. During the first half of the film, I could only find myself feeling sorry for Gina because every decision she makes made me feel embarrassed, especially because she never realizes it’s embarrassing. This feeling begins when she finds happiness with a strip club bartender in Paris named Jerome, played by Damien Bonnard, who she falls for after a single one night stand.

Gina’s actions left me confused throughout a large duration of the film. Her immediate obsessiveness over Jerome, who obviously looked at her as a fling, felt incredibly strange because she acts like they’ve been dating for months. She constantly wants to see him, visiting him at work every night and trying to plan elaborate dates for him that instead turn into another night of sex that he wakes up being greeted with breakfast in bed.

Voice overs randomly cut in to explain Gina’s thoughts which at times make no sense with what is shown on screen. I later realized these voice overs were trying to convey that Gina was actually going crazy, but in real time it just seems like I missed something. In one scene for example, Gina is hanging onto Jerome’s arm while he somewhat dismisses her in public, she makes a distraught face looking at him and a voice over explains that she believes he is her soulmate. I perceived nothing close to that feeling while watching the scene. I was supposed to believe she was slowly going insane, but instead I was wondering who could have written this scene.

In all honesty, I feel like I wasn’t made for this film. I’m hoping other people love it and understand it from the beginning, but that was not my experience. Gina randomly goes through drastic character changes, that are not explained or developed at all. She changes from a normal flight attendant of 18 years into an obsessive stalker who rents an apartment for months without having a job to pay for it because she wants a strip club bartender to love her. Her character never seemed real to me.

Thirst Street is an indie film with no budget that tells the story of someone going crazy, but doesn’t take the time to develop and show the transformation gradually on screen. You follow her, but you’re not going on the journey with her, if that makes sense. If you’re a fan of soap operas that contain somewhat talented actors and strange storylines with creepy characters that makes random decisions, I think this film is for you. I didn’t love it, but maybe you will.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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