August 25, 2017

R: August 25th, 2017 | R: 89 minutes | R: PG

Leap! is a film that follows 11-year-old Félicie who longs to be a ballerina and her best friend/aspiring inventor, Victor as they escape their orphanage and head to Paris during the late 1800s to follow their dreams. Will their leap of faith make their dreams a reality or be a unsuccessful jump?

The title may be the most excitable part of this film because it starts off and sets the bar low and does not stray far. The animation look very similar to that of larger more well-known animators and gives a feeling of "I feel like I've seen this before" but this movie has a lot less singing in comparison.

The characters follow mostly cliched personalities and the storyline is no different. For kids it is probably a new concept that they are still learning but for adults it is the same old story with a different title. Not to say that it is not entertaining but it feels a bit worn out.

There was also a reoccurring scene where Félicie would be woken up by the music box her mother gave her would fall with an almost Coraline feel to it because of the creepy singsong tone that came with it. It also did not fit with the meaning behind it when it unveiled as to why it is happening. Much of the rest of the film felt like similarly choppy and not well put together.

Something did not sit well with me was the insensitivity toward one of the characters that was crippled due to a previous accident that was never explained. There were several times in during the film were she was reminded of her limp that left me wondering how a movie that was seemingly empowering would go for low-blow comments like that.

While Leap! has a story that reminds viewers to follow their dreams, it does not take its own advice and stays close to the main path instead of taking a leap itself.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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