June 28, 2017

A talented, young getaway driver (Ansel Elgort) relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. When he meets the girl of his dreams (Lily James), Baby sees a chance to ditch his criminal life and make a clean getaway. But after being coerced into working for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), he must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.
Release: June 28, 2017 | Runtime: 113 minutes | Rated: R
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Johnathan Jimenez's Review.

Stunt driving and shootouts make Baby Driver an almost guaranteed summer blockbuster, but we still must wonder if it will be enough to drive people to the theaters. With a cheesy, ambiguous marketing campaign, it was difficult to set expectations for the film. But despite having a lot that could have gone wrong, Baby Driver expertly swerves itself into the winning position to become a longtime classic. An aloof daydreamer with a remarkable skill in stealing and stunt driving cars finds himself at the center of a high-stakes crime ring in Baby Driver. A getaway driver in a series of armed robberies, the main character who goes by the moniker “Baby” finds the stakes getting consistently higher with each heist. Yet we quickly realize that Baby isn’t in it for the money – always lost in his ipod’s music, Baby is mostly looking for a way out of crime and into a normal life. When he meets the woman of his dreams, he decides it’s time to escape, but fate seems to have different plans for him.

With trailers that make the movie seem cheap, and the premise and genre having the potential for an easy cash grab, Baby Driver instead zooms its way past its competition to truly set itself apart from the pack. Baby Driver is set to be a surprise hit and a future classic. That being said, the plot isn’t terribly novel nor is it all that unexpected. In the same vein, it avoids any plot twists and it sadly has a somewhat rushed ending.

Yet what Baby Driver lacks in ingenuity, it makes up for in execution. I still have all the featured classic songs stuck in my head thanks to a phenomenal soundtrack that elevated the film and gave it a unique charm. Every getaway is perfectly mirrored by each song and makes all the action more fun and exciting. The driving and the action avoids being overly cliched and is truly thrilling. Instead of focusing on fast, fancy cars with little to no stakes in every “race”, Baby Driver instead focuses on normal cars doing impossible stunts driving through the streets as the heisters try to evade the police. It also never lets you feel safe. With an insane and unhinged criminal team going on each mission, it always feels like something could and is about to go seriously wrong. Baby Driver has real stakes and the entire movie is a giant adrenaline rush.

Yet what sets this film apart from any other action movie is that despite being an amazing action thriller on the surface, it offers more than meets the eye. It is a creative, heartwarming, and just fun journey. The way it incorporates its soundtrack almost makes it feel like a musical and the way that it has its characters interact make you really feel for and love them. Its band of criminals even make it resemble a comedy at points. Altogether, these elements truly come together to set Baby Driver apart. What could have been an easy cash grab is instead a truly unique and honestly fun movie that I found myself amazed by.

Baby Driver is a heist and driving movie fit for even those who do not like films in the genre. Its lighthearted, energetic, and tongue-in- cheek take will make this a movie that I will watch for years to come. Baby Driver is a unique, thrilling, and fun movie that is the surprise hit of the year.

Rating: 4 out of 5