Movie News: Kong End Credit

KONG: SKULL ISLAND Credits Special.

With the release of Kong: Skull Island coming up, Mind on Movies wanted to bring to your attention to stay through the end credits for a special surprise scene.
We will not spoil what it is, but read below to see what other Mind on Movies Fans have said about it.

Comment below your thoughts on the end credit scene!


KONG: SKULL ISLAND is in theatres on March 10th, 2017.
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pnut78 said…
Those who stayed cheered at the post-credit scene!!!! The movie was unexpectedly spectacular!!
Konnie Semonski said…
Thank you for the info!! :)
Kamela Kern said…
It was great, and hopefully leads to good things to come.
Jennifer Essad said…
we always stay to see if there is a special snippet
pearldj said…
the end of the credits feature was great and gets you excited for the future
joan bush said…
Going to see this on Wednesday! Will stay thru the credits!
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