January 05, 2017
74th Golden Globes: Contenders and Predictions
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There might not be any Ricky Gervais, but the 74 th Golden Globes still holds enough intrigue in the awards to look over that gaunt look on Jimmy Fallon’s face he will likely pass off as comedy on Sunday 8th.

The setup is slightly different than at the Oscars with a much more fun and relaxed atmosphere. The prizes are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, while the categories are split into drama, and comedy & musical. This may lead to recognition for some films that might not get a look in at the Oscars, but has also been open to exploitation by studios looking to crowbar themselves into contention.

The Golden Globes is usually a good guide for what will happen at its more illustrious cousin and kick starts the whole awards season. So let’s take a look at all the major awards on offer and who I think will be the lucky few taking prizes home.

Our Predictions:

Best Film (Drama)
  • Contenders: Hacksaw Ridge, Hell and High Water, Manchester By Sea, Lion, Moonlight. 
  • Prediction: Hacksaw Ridge sees Mel Gibson offer a gritty look at a true story from WW2. War films tend to spark the voters to the booths, but this year sees stiff competition. A unique story in Moonlight is also next to star studded casts in Manchester By Sea, and Hell and High Water. The H.F.P.A tend to love the stars, so I predict a win for Manchester By Sea, a tale of grief and family starring Casey Affleck.
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Best Film (Comedy or Musical)
  • Contenders: Deadpool, La La Land, Sing Street, Florence Foster Jenkins, 20 th Century Women 
  •  Prediction: This category has suffered from its recent winners such as The Martian and American Hustle who managed to inexplicably claim they were comedies. This year sees a more traditional bunch. Deadpool was a massive box office success story and garnered immense enthusiasm among fans. It was a breath of fresh air in what is now a saturated comic book film market. In La La Land though, it appears there is a rightful winner in the Golden Globe Musical category. It ticks all the boxes. It contains the stars the H.F.P.A love so much, and is actually a musical!
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Best Director
  • Contenders: Damien Chazelle – La La Land, Tom Ford – Nocturnal Animals, Mel Gibson – Hacksaw Ridge, Barry Jenkins – Moonlight, Kenneth Lonergan – Manchester By Sea.
  • Prediction: While Barry Jenkins is receiving huge plaudits for his film Moonlight, and La La Land is one of the first non-drama films to challenge this category there is one large shadow looming over everyone else. They are calling this the redemption of Mel Gibson for his commanding of Hacksaw Ridge. Gibson has been courting controversy for too long and his triumphant return (artistically) could be a story good enough for the group of journalists voting. While it probably should be Barry Jenkins, after a year of shocks all I can see is a win for Mel Gibson.
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Best Actor (Drama)
  • Contenders: Viggo Mortensen - Captain Fantastic, Denzel Washington – Fences, Andrew Garfield - Hacksaw Ridge,  Joel Edgerton – Loving, Casey Affleck - Manchester by the Sea 
  • Prediction: Casey Affleck plays a broken-hearted, divorced man, who is forced to look after his dead brother’s son. There is plenty to get his teeth into there for the 41-year- old actor. Affleck gives not only a heart wrenching performance, but also speckles it with comedy moments that will make you smile too. This is a character and performance to match one of the best films dealing with grief in a while. Affleck will win. Simple as that.
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Best Actor (Comedy & Musical)
  • Contenders: Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool, Hugh Grant - Florence Foster Jenkins, Ryan Gosling - La La Land, Colin Farrell - The Lobster, Jonah Hill - War Dogs.
  • Prediction: It is the wars to end all wars this year, Ryan vs Ryan. The two Hollywood hunks go head to head in this category and as charming as Reynolds was playing anti-hero Deadpool, this is Ryan Gosling’s time. The Canadian actor can seemingly do no wrong, and in La La Land he effortlessly branches out into a musical role, drawing on his experience in the Mickey Mouse club no doubt! It is a bit of ‘meh’ for the other contenders in this category, so I think we can all expect a speech by Gosling come Sunday.
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Best Actress (Drama)
  • Contenders: Amy Adams - Arrival, Jessica Chastain - Miss Sloane, Isabelle Huppert – Elle, Ruth Negga - Loving, Natalie Portman – Jackie.
  • Prediction: This is a heated category, that I think has been tipped to one side by the character they play more than the portrayal. Amy Adams brings definite box office success with Arrival but it is arguably not even her best role this year (Nocturnal Animals). I don’t think it will be a winning performance though. That accolade goes to Natalie Portman in Jackie who gets to play the wife of doomed president John F Kennedy. The lack of competition leans in her favour here, as does previous success in Black Swan. Portman gets to play an American Icon here while also encircling one of the most popular stories in US history. The judges won’t be able to resist.
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Best Actress (Comedy & Musical)
  • Contenders: Annette Bening - 20th Century Women, Lily Collins - Rules Don't Apply, Hailee Steinfeld - The Edge of Seventeen, Emma Stone - La La Land, Meryl Streep - Florence Foster Jenkins.
  • Prediction: Another award season and another nomination for Meryl Streep, for Florence Foster Jenkins. Emma Stone is also a former nominee in this category however, and in La La Land gets to show off every talent she has. The films higher profile nature and popularity will make her stand out above an experienced crowd. There is not only Streep to contend with, but Annette Benning in 20 th Century Women showing once again why she is one of the most undervalued actresses in Hollywood. The two older statesmen could both realistically win but I think the sheer exposure of La La Land will start a successful award season for Emma Stone.
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Josh Joshua (Contributor) is a film fanatic from London and loves giving his opinions whether you are listening or not! He has a penchant for Asian cinema, but mostly will watch any Comedy he can get his hands on.