September 30, 2016

Mark Wahlberg brings the heat with Deepwater Horizon.

Deepwater Horizon is a movie about the BP oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico. The issue with this movie is this 'real life' topic is still fresh in our minds. We all remember this, and we all hate BP for it. Trust me, you'll watch this movie and still hate BP, even more, unless you work for them.

This movie has an awesome cast involved in it. We already know that Mark Wahlberg produced the movie, but it has a cast from Kurt Russell to John Malkovich.

Now, you know with Mark Wahlberg being on the producing list, he likes to do things similar compared to Michael Bay. It's explosion after explosion. With a bunch of flares on the screens, and those wide angle shots that you wonder 'why are we watching this from so far away.' Then they zoom in, but they it zooms out again, and you're like, they were so close.

Make sure you stay through the credits, they have some information about the real Deepwater Horizon survivors and more information about what happened.

3 out of 5

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