Review: The Secret Life of Pets

Will your pets actually want you to see this?

With animated movies now becoming a big success, The Secret Life of Pets will no doubt be one of the successes. All you need is 3 key factors: good 3D animation, a large selection of well known actors as voices, and to be right around that 90 minute mark. This movie includes all three elements, making this movie the correct rate for success.

Louis CK does bring out enough of his PG version of comedy to make this movie worth while for the adults. What is his PG comedy you say? Well if you remember his little appearance on season two or Parks and Rec, that's his PG comedy. It's not bad comedy, it's just not her usual hard on life facing comedy.

The support characters in this movie are just as funny as you would think they are. Kevin Hart steals the short with his comedy style. Even Albert Brooks has a role in this movie and he is just as funny as he never is. The supporting characters help move the story along and make you enjoy the film as an adult.
This is a great movie for the whole family.
3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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Teresa Allen said…
Saw this yesterday with a friend. We both enjoyed it. Normally I don't go to animated. Had more than my share when my kids were little. Now I only see films that indicate adults would like it as much as kids. This was definitely one of those. Would recommend to my adult friends with or without children.
slimjohn said…
I'll wait for the DVD
Amber Violette Trepkowski said…
We took the kids to see it this weekend and everyone enjoyed it. It was a cute movie for the kids and my husband and I liked it too.
Fast-paced, entertaining, and funny family film with a good and talented voice cast. It's worth seeing.
Camellia Moore Knox said…
This is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy. As an adult you want get sleepy like some of the cartoon movies that you go and see. It has great actor voices which
make the film funny for both the adults and children.

BIG_D_DoubleD said…
Man this movie was so awesome, it kept me laughing throughout most. Loved all the characters voiced by the actors. I can only hope they make a second follow up film! I highly recommended this to all family and friends. Can't wait for the bluray release!
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