June 03, 2016

The start of the Summer Blockbuster Season!

When you hear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Megan Fox, and Tyler Perry what do you think? Your probably not thinking of a huge blockbuster hit. In this case you would be wrong. The new TMNT movie is the start of the Summer Blockbuster Season. You won't want to see this movie for quality, or to see if it will win an award. You just want to have a large popcorn, put your 3-d glasses on, and enjoy the fun.

A sad fact is that Will Arnett's character is hidden in the movie. With his new role of 'taking all the credit for defeating Shredder' in the last movie, he doesn't appear much. So all that small little funny bits he added had to be replace by a crazy Tyler Perry laugh. The laugh is funny the first time you hear it, but after that it gets old real quick.

This is also your typical Michael Bay movie. Explosions after Explosions, Hot girls, and dramatic facial zooms.

This is a movie you should bring the whole family to. Kids will like the action in this movie and will want to start enjoying the TMNT's even more.

3 out of 5

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Billy Billy (Editor) - Billy has seen many movies over the years. He enjoys comedies and anything action, including the summer blockbuster movies. You can follow Billy on Twitter here.
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