Godzilla is a great start to the Summer Movies

With the Summer blockbuster movies coming in now, Godzilla is one you do not want to miss. Now this movie does strt with about one minute and thirty seconds of credits before the movie starts. This is not a bad sign, but hold in there. They did this with older movies, where they would play credits, called titles, before the movie begins. This is not something I support, but just wait for it. It picks up right after that.

This Godzilla is the one everyone wants to see, needs to see, must see. Now don't go in this movie trying to compare it to one of the other versions. Try to walk in fresh, like you have never seen this before. Now this doesn't mean this Godzilla will be anything like the other ones. Just you don't want to go in comparing it, as that could ruin the movie before you even see it.

Now of course when they call the "monster" Godzilla, you can't help but laugh at the idea that someone would name it that. Besides that one point, they did try to push the movie as if it was something that may actually happen. If monsters where actually real of course.

The effects in this movie is outstanding. If you have a chance, try to catch this in IMax 3D. You will be so in tuned in the movie, you won't be able to look away from the screen. You won't want to miss when the different monsters fight on screen. It is so amazing and even the sound is great.

Bryan Cranston does help move the movie along. In the beginning, when they are setting up the story, it is a bit slow. However the slowness is necessary, Bryan Cranston is someone who is able to help move the movie. You might not even realize that one of the main stars, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is from the Kick Ass movies. It's not bad if you don't notice, it's because you will be watching everything on screen, you won't have time to pick up where they are from.

4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5

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