Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Can an actually sea of monsters save this movie?

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is one of those movies that you don't want to see, but you think to yourself, that you better not see it. I did not see the first Percy Jackson movie, this should not stop it from being a good movie. A sequel should be a movie on its own. Tying into the first movie as little or none as it can.

If for some reason you decide to see this movie, which I'm saying you shouldn't, there's some simple things you should know. As you watch this movie, you will ask yourself when this movie was made. The graphics and effects look like they were done in the year 2006.

Now 2006 was not a bad year, but we have come a long way. It just looks so fake, that you will notice the fake-ness. Just as you watch it, Percy will ride on top of a wave, and he's doing that typical pose and you can tell how fake it is.

Not to point out all the bad points in this movie, but there were no good points. They gave all the one liner jokes to Brandon Jackson. The jokes that they made him say were either typical or just plain bad. They could have cut out all the jokes and you wouldn't have noticed.

They of course left the end open for a third movie. I am just hoping that whoever sees this movie will realize that it is not good and that they should not make anymore. Even though I know they will make a third movie just because the little money they make will be worth it.

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)

Well of course an idea would be to not even make this movie. If I was forced to make this movie, I would just put more money into the effects department. If this movie had awesome effects, it would have stepped up its game so much more. We will have to see what they do with the third movie.

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Electricblue717 said…
Good review "MoM" :)
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