April 14, 2017
A different kind of war film.
'Their Finest' tells the story of the British Ministry of Information, Film Division's task of creating an uplifting war story to lift the spirits of the British during the Blitz (1940).

Mrs Cole (Gemma Arterton) has been hired by the scriptwriting team to help 'interpret' a woman's prospective for their upcoming film; while dealing with discrimination at work her home life is also unstable, but the feminist is not pushed back by this and instead uses all the forces against her as a kick forward in her efforts to inspire a nation.

Mr Hilliard (Bill Nighy) is the comedy highlight of Their Finest, his stereotypical arrogant actor character alongside his sarcastic British humor keeps the mood of the film on a high. From my personal cinema experience the audience connected with him and I believe his humor connected the story together and kept the film flowing.

Overall the film has a lot of different themes occurring, and the mixture of genres (comedy, romance, drama) is key to this film, without the comedy the film would be pretty dull, and that is what makes this film feel so British (British films tend to have a lighter side to them, rarely taking anything too seriously). Their Finest is an all rounder film, with a wide audience appeal, it wasn't a film I would watch again but it is a film I would recommend to a lot of people.

2.5 out of 5

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