March 24, 2017
Song to Song, a love story surrounding Austin's music scene, featuring a whole lot of high-rise buildings, awkward stances, Rooney Mara's mid-rift and not all much else.
The story is surrounding a love triangle; Faye (Rooney Mara's) character is a musician dedicated to her work, proving she will do anything to become successful, in which music producer, Cook (Michael Fassbender), will take advantage of. After falling for BV (Ryan Gosling) Faye finds herself trapped between the two lives. Dangerous sex with Cook, lots of partying, mingling with famous musicians leaves her craving the wild music lifestyle, but she continues to long for the sweet, romantic time she has with BV.

Now, given the legendary work of Malick you can't help but have high expectations, especially with such a star studded cast, but I would advise you to lower your expectations and you might slightly enjoy the experience. Lets start with what the film does have, the visuals. If you're a fan of Malick and Lubezki's auteurship then I believe it is a film for you to see, if you haven't seen their work before I would watch an earlier film (Tree of Life) while Malick is still in his prime.

There are many stereotypical traits to this film, a 'pimp' like music producer, a woman exploring her sexuality with another woman, cameos from various music artists. These small aspects just make this film very 'un-Malick' like and more 'drama-with-young-woman-finding-herself' like. Now, don't get me wrong, I did still sort of enjoy this film; I enjoyed the way in which the story unfolded, the direction it was taken in; I enjoyed the disjointedness of the film, the way the characters join the story and how we jump in-between the story lines, but the story itself was so...just...bla.

After hearing the actors talk at the premiere of the film (March 2017, SXSW) about how much improvisation happened during the making of the film, I was interested to see what that was like, but honestly the improvised moments stick out like a sore thumb. Moments such as BV sticking grass up Fayes nose, tickling each other, dancing around rooms - it's just too cringy.

1 out of 5

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