October 07, 2016

The Birth of a Nation brings the History!

The Birth of a Nation is a film based on the true story of Nat Turner who was born into slavery during the antebellum South. He was taught to read the Bible at a young age, becomes a preacher and travels through the state of Virginia to help his financially struggling owner make money by preaching to other slaves in slave masters’ hopes of them being content in bondage. After seeing the horrible sufferings and atrocities of slavery during his travels, Turner plots an uprising against slave masters based on the faith that it is the pathway to freedom.

I think the movie did a great job at showing just how harsh and cruel the reality of slavery was. Nate Parker, who plays Nat Turner, actually produced the movie as well as starred in it and I could tell how much work he put into displaying the frustrations and incidents that Nat Turner experienced that led him to plan the rebellion.

That being said, this movie is intense. There is a lot of violence and carnage that shows just how horrid the antebellum South was. Several scenes had me and other members of the audience cringing and gasping at how awful some of the slaves were treated. The movie did have parts that made me smile though like when Nat Turner met his wife and how adorable he treated her despite their situation. Also I liked how they included how the practice of “jumping the broom” transferred from African traditions and how joyous the occasion of weddings and love can be.

I also really liked how they included historical information that helps the audience follow the timeline of Nat Turner’s life. I believe it is really important to remember that slavery is indeed a part of American history and this movie did a fantastic job as biopic that I will remember forever.

4 out of 5

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