October 18, 2016

Mac and Kellys' new next-door neighbors turn out to be more troublesome than the predecessors, a feminist sorority.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising offers you up the chance to become part of the family again, but which family do you wish to be a part of? The difference between this film and the first is that the sorority have a cause, you are sort of rooting for them, you can empathise with them. The sorority is based off equality; they want to be able to do the same thing as a fraternity, throw a party (without being harassed by a bunch of over privilege college guys). However, the situation that Mac and Kelly are in is something else you can empathise with. Being in my mid-twenties left me divided with this situation, caught between the young girls just wanting to be able to have fun on their terms, and the couple fighting for what is best for their family. The clash between the two parties leaves you unsure who you want to win, I think this is what keeps you watching and is the only difference between this film from the first.

The more I thought about the film after watching it the more interesting it got. If you think about the basics to the film, the main plotline, that is some deep stuff. Although the cliché actions (air bags) and jokes are still there, including parts you can’t help but laugh at, it is a really relevant and important topic they are talking about. I believe that this film will/has been seen by a wide audience, people that may not necessarily think about the issues going on with American colleges, the cost, the sexual assault/rape problems, and this may open people’s eyes to that, and there is nothing wrong with that. Given all this, it’s still a good old comedy-everything goes wrong kind of film, featuring a great cast. Comedy isn’t really used to be sympathetic to its victims, but using guilt the main character’s balance each other, Nicholas Stoller and the other writers have created this environment where everyone can be equally dreadful, heroic, and ridiculous.

2.5 out of 5

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